endocrine disruptors

Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are synthetic chemicals, potentially toxic, with the ability to mimic, block or alter the hormones of our body. The problem of the presence of these compounds is exacerbated in the critical exposure windows that are, 72 days before conception for sperm, intrauterine stage and the first 2 years of the newborn. The estrogenic cocktail effect of these endocrine disruptors increases their toxicity.

health is not a business

Health is not a Business

Governments should regain responsibility for defining the lines of investment in research for medicines, since they are public goods, and to manage the basic research phase, disassociating them from production, distribution and sale.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US will allow a more permissive European regulation on health and food for the benefit of multinationals and to the detriment of European citizens.

childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity. Rista. Insufficiently Adequate Response

Diets high in fat and sugar, as well as obesity, are associated with variations in the usual patterns of DNA methylation in genes involved in energetic homeostasis of the liver.

Obese people have a pattern of epigenetic marks that is different from that of people with adequate weight.

Early overfeeding during lactation induces obesity, adiposity, insulin resistance and changes in the sensitivity of hypothalamic neurons regulating metabolism.

live without cance

Live without Cancer

Cancer is established as a consequence of the accumulation of chromosomal mutations and epigenetic alterations of the genes involved in the regulation of the cell cycle. Genes that undergo variations in their methylation pattern are more predisposed to mutations and loss of functionality. Epigenetic marks imprinted on cells exposed to physiological stress of cancer-free individuals are similar to those found in tumor cells in their early stages.

longevity, cancer, apoptosis

To be Elderly without Age

The age that a person reaches and the risk of suffering from cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and alterations of the immune system have a clear connection. All these dysfunctional variables are different manifestations of the same process, the accumulation of tissue damage that the natural cellular mechanisms of our organism have not been able to repair.

homosexual, lesbian, homosexuality

Predisposition to be Homosexual

The homosexual person is not born for presenting certain epigenetic marks nor becomes gay or lesbian by choice.

Are a set of genetic, epigenetic, social and cultural factors that, synergistically aligned, predispose towards the orientation of the same sex.

Sexual differentiation is the result of the correct temporal pattern of gene expression and hormonal secretion.

diabetes, obesity, cancer, longevity

Diabetes and Epigenetics

Many of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of Type II Diabetes Mellitus can change the epigenetic pattern in liver, adipose tissue and skeletal muscle by varying gene expression and metabolism in such tissues.

Obesity contributes to the establishment of low-grade inflammation and insulin resistance states.

organic, epigenetic feeding, cancer, obesity, longevity

Epigenetic Feeding

A number of phytochemicals capable of modulating gene expression and avoiding diseases can be found in fruits and vegetables: isothiocyanates, lycopene, indole-3-carbinol, lutein, dithiolthiones, anthocyanins, sulforaphane, beta-carotene, catechins , flavanones, resveratrol, proanthocyanidins, flavonols, sulphur compounds, equol, flavones, hydrolyzable tannins and lignans.

quantum mechanics, living beings, experiment double slit, superposition, entanglement, biophotons, solitons, microtubules

Living Beings depend on Quantum Mechanics

Finally, a book that explains in detail and for everyone to understand the intriguing quantum effects that appear in living beings: the quantum coherence of photosynthesis, the magnetic compass of the birds, the vibrational olfactory trace, the experiment of the double slit, the quantum entanglement, the superposition of states, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

We live in a Simulation

This fascinating book affirms that we live in a simulation and proposes a series of reasonings based on Quantum Mechanics that seems to prove it.

Artificial intelligence will reach consciousness and create systems with superior intelligence that will direct the universe for billions of years. Enough time for them to achieve an excellent degree of human simulation.

Finally, the author analyses the functional separation between posthumans and machines, the quantum conscious states and the possible origin of the universe. Fundamental pieces to unravel the virtual world in which we live.


Immortality is possible

IMMORTALITY IS POSSIBLE is the author's top book and will become a cornerstone of our knowledge library.

Undoubtedly an essential work for lovers of serious science, replete with scientific reasonings related to Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics and Computer Systems, with a wording accessible to the general public and very enjoyable for reading.

A crucial document towards eternal life through the state of the art of diverse disciplines.


Consciousness and the Universe exist without beginning or end

A book that affirms what the title says, surely, will not leave anyone indifferent.

The author defends, with basic scientific reasoning, the existence of a cyclic universe and an eternal consciousness orchestrated through the quantum vacuum and according to the principles of Quantum Mechanics.


In the present document, the main foundations of the origin of consciousness and the universe are analyzed clearly, concisely and without formulas.


Infertility is not just a problem of the couple

Infertility is the inability of a couple to have children, established as the absence of pregnancy after 12 months of sexual intercourse without contraceptive methods. Subfertility, much more frequent than absolute sterility, can be reversed after the implementation of certain behaviors that avoid the existing partial impairment.

The book INFERTILITY IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM OF THE COUPLE details the different forms of endocrine disruption present in infertile couples and analyzes, in a clear and simple way for the public in general, the latest scientific advances on fertility.


5G Technology? No, thanks

The 5G technology will increase the current exposure of the population to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields due to the inevitable installation of a very large number of intelligent antennas, both outside and inside buildings.


Numerous scientific publications have found an association between harmful effects on health and exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMF).


This book analyzes the changes that the new 5G technology will bring and details the different studies that confirm the health problems related to EMF radiation exposure.


Alcoholism and Epigenetics

Acute and chronic exposure to ethanol involves epigenetic variations in specific neuronal circuits of the amygdala, brain region responsible for emotions, satiety, aggressiveness and consolidation of memories.

Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages alters the levels of gene expression in the amygdaloid neuronal circuits, through epigenetic variations such as DNA methylation and posttranslational modifications of histones, causing behavioral changes in alcohol consumption habits related to tolerance and dependence on this drug.

Alcohol is a neurotoxic substance related to more than 60 different types of diseases. The present book analyzes, in a clear and simple way, the health problems induced by the excessive consumption of ethanol.


To Rejuvenate with the Blood Plasma of Young People

Since ancient times, blood has been considered a method of rejuvenation. Recent studies have identified in the blood of animals and young people the presence of certain soluble factors responsible for the rejuvenating effects.

The transfusion of plasma or plasmapheresis consists in the transfer, only, of the liquid fraction of the blood once all the cells have been eliminated. By means of this technique it is possible to transfer the circulating factors in the blood of a young organism to an old one and to achieve a greater regenerative capacity of the aged tissues.

A large part of the decrease in functional and regenerative tissue capacity during aging corresponds to the dysfunction of the stem cells of said tissue. The plasticity that the aged body presents, especially in the Central Nervous System, allows us to predict a promising future for tissue regeneration through certain external manipulations that modify the systemic environment of aging.


Our Broken Health

Our HEALTH is on the edge of the abyss. The prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity grows immeasurably. New cases of Cancer increase year after year.

In this tragic situation, nobody has warned us of what was going to happen.

The book "Our Broken HEALTH" explains how the environment influences the epigenome and promotes the development of diseases.


Basic Manual of Pharmacology

This manual gathers all the pharmacological information essential for students and professionals of the different health disciplines that require a quick and current review of the extensive knowledge of pharmacology.

The book consists of 45 chapters, presented in a clear and concise way, where the most relevant actions, properties and therapeutic applications of the drugs are analyzed.


The deepest layers of reality

The book guides us through a wonderful journey about the enigmatic fundamental components of reality. The author, Carlos Herrero Carcedo, with more than 20 successful volumes published, reveals in this entertaining work, the behavior of quantum particles and their incredible paradoxes in the tunnel effect, the superposition of states and quantum entanglement, ending with its surprising and intrepid CHC theory "Cosmos-Humanity-Consciousness".

A scientific review about the origin of the universe, the development of space-time, the fluctuations of quantum fields, the extraction of consciousness from the quantum vacuum and the evolution of our current multiverse.


200 Ideas to improve the profitability of your pharmacy

In the next few years, the pharmacy will face a difficult obstacle to overcome: loss of profitability. This book aims to help the owner of the pharmacy in the enhancement of its business component.


200 ideas at the service of the pharmacist with all the variables to take into account in their professional development.

pharmacology tests


The present book of questions and answers of pharmacology aims to help students and professionals in the health sector in the extensive science dedicated to the study of the actions and properties of the drugs. The questionnaire of one thousand two hundred questions is structured in forty-five chapters and encompasses all the necessary pharmacological information for the domain of this copious discipline.




Do you want to meet the study deadlines you have in mind, but do not know where to start? Would you like to take advantage of the time and learn the complete agenda well in a comfortable and simple way? If the answer is “yes”, here is the perfect tool. The objective of this work is to help students in the health sector and improve their performance in the extensive science dedicated to the study of drugs. The book consists of 591 pages and is structured in 45 chapters or topics, each with its corresponding test exam, with all the current pharmacological information necessary for the mastery of this copious discipline.





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Children lose their brains, ASD

Why do children lose

their brains?

Children are exposed to unacceptable and high risk. The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) does not stop growing and the genetic alterations associated with ASD are not enough to explain this alarming increase. The book Why do children lose their brains? details the villains of their main contribution.